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Solar Ornithopter - enn

Solar Ornithopter - enn

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The Solar Ornithopter flaps its wings using the solar energy obtained from the sun and flies around by utilizing the propulsion power generated thereby. It is activated by light, and it is friendly to the environment. Therefore, can be displayed at any location without concern for the power supply. In addition, no sound is generated due to the pendulum mechanism, featuring the design with consideration for enjoyment even in a quiet living space.

The model ‘enn’, which flaps its wings in fish-like motion, is based on a circular shape with soft curves. The inorganic and simple design is finished with many metal parts to truly capture the feeling of movement that comes from it.

  • Size: W6.30” x D1.97” x H5.90”
  • Material: Stainless steel, Brass, Polycarbonate
  • Country of origin: Japan


  • The product requires simple assembly and balance adjustments by the customer. (Please check the motion picture.)
  • The wings start to flap at the illumination intensity of about 300 Lux (brightness of the dining table space*).
  • At about 500 Lux (brightness of the reading space, etc.), it will begin to turn.
  • Since it is driven by weak power, it may not rotate due to slight wind or static electricity. If this is the case, please enjoy it by placing it in another location or putting it inside a case.

Included Items

Main body, Wings Balance, Base, Hexagon wrench, Instruction Manual

Package size: W8.07” x D4.13” x H2.24”

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Solar Ornithopter

Using light as a source of energy, the Solar Ornithopter flaps its wings and flies around.

Although it is a simple mechanism, the motions of the Ornithopter create small changes in the surrounding space, bringing calmness and serenity to the viewer's feelings.

The motion of its wings flapping offers a perception of warmness as if it is alive, and the motion of fluent flying offers a recognition of the gentle flow of time.

The Ornithopter inadvertently brings awareness to things that are barely recognized in our daily life.

Our Solar Ornithopter is an ornament that we designed and made with such thoughts.

What is an “ORNITHOPTER”

An "ornithopter" is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings like a bird or insect.

The original blueprint for the ornithopter is said to have been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490. Since then, humanity has attempted flight by flapping its wings many times, but even now, nearly five centuries later, there has yet to be an ornithopter with a human on board.

On the other hand, in the world of anime and science fiction, vehicles that fly by flapping their wings are frequently present. Even in modern times, where aircraft such as jet planes have developed and flying in the skies has become a part of our daily routine, many dream of the possibilities of flying like a bird.

The Ornithopter is an aircraft carrying da Vinci's fascination and the dreams of people.