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Mini Solar-Powered Lucky Cat

Mini Solar-Powered Lucky Cat

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The Mini Solar-powered Lucky Cats are a smaller version designed for portability and adorability, sized to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. The solar panels are also placed on the cat’s back to maintain the cat's natural form in the front.

These little cats are hard workers and will use solar power to continue waving their left hand back and forth, to bring you luck and happiness.

  • Made in China
  • Material: ABS
  • Product Dimensions: 1.57”(W)x1.57”(D)x2.48”(H)
  • Package Dimensions: 1.97”(W)x1.97”(D)x3.15”(H)

Instructions for Use

Please place the lucky cat in a bright place. Make sure that the light is reaching the back of the lucky cat, where the solar panels are installed. Once the solar panel on the back is charged with light, the left hand of the lucky cat will move back and forth on its own.


  • Make sure to place the lucky cat in a bright place where the solar panel (on the cat’s back) is exposed to light.
  • Do not place the lucky cat on an inclined surface. The lucky cat will not move when placed on an incline. Please make sure to place it on a flat horizontal surface.
  • Do not place the lucky cat on any metal surfaces. The magnet inside the lucky cat can be attracted to the metal, which can stop the lucky cat from moving.
  • Do not hold the lucky cat by its moving hand when moving or carrying the product.
  • Do not hit or drop the lucky cat.
  • Keep away from water.
  • Please avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
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Palm-Sized Lucky Cat

A best-selling product that has been loved in Japan for many years, “Maneki Neko” (Beckoning Cat), also known as the lucky cat, is believed to invite prosperity and happiness to its owner. In Japan, they are often placed in front of lottery counters nationwide to increase the luck of participants.