Our Company's Legacy

We, Kokusai Display Kogyo Co., Ltd., began our journey in 1950 under the name Kokusai Model Laboratory as a creator of battery-operated wooden model boats. Through numerous inventions and developments, we have grown into a leading maker of POP advertising displays focusing on the fun of movement.

In the 1990s, we further evolved our technology of movement, developing the world's first solar cell operated "Lucky Cats", becoming a pioneer in the solar-powered toy industry.

With these creations as a foundation, we introduced our interior brand, “KOKUSAI DSP.” in 2012, aiming to bring subtle yet impactful changes in people’s lives and promoting emotional enrichment through innovative product creation. The brand expertly curates an assortment of new, creative, and inspiring merchandise.

Our Collections

creative and inspiring


With movement as the main focus, KOKUSAI DSP. aims to enrich everyone’s day through small changes.

We are committed to Japanese craftsmanship, delivering small-lot productions straight from Japan, in which we put our hearts into every detail and component.



Lucky Cat

A best-selling product that has been loved in Japan for many years, “Maneki Neko” (Beckoning Cat), also known as the lucky cat, is believed to invite prosperity and happiness to its owner. In Japan, they are often placed in front of lottery counters nationwide to increase the luck of participants.