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Oscilloglass - Yoi 3 minute

Oscilloglass - Yoi 3 minute

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“Oscilloglass” is a mechanical hourglass that activates once flipped over. Each of the components sealed inside the glass cylinder is slowly pulled to the bottom of the glass due to the force of Earth's gravity. The falling speed is controlled by the same principle as a mechanical clock, slowly descending until it eventually stops.

It is a unique device that not only functions to measure time, but also allows the user to feel the flow of time through movement, sound, and vibrations like a faint heartbeat. In addition, it is designed to be minimalist to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the mechanical clock construction itself, made available to be viewed from various angles of 360 degrees. When you have the chance, please take a close look at the series of movements that are beautifully linked by the coordination of each component. Then pick it up and flip it over to feel the intricate ticking rhythm closely resembling the soft heartbeats of a living creature.

There are two types: a tall "5 minutes" version and a short "3 minutes" version. Just like an hourglass, you can enjoy the passage of time according to your needs.

Yoi 3 min

The color expresses a calm and serene atmosphere at the beginning of the night after

  • Size: H4.41” x 1.77” in diameter
  • Material: Stainless steel, Brass, Glass
  • Wood Type: Walnut
  • Country of origin: Japan

How to Use


  • The Oscilloglass moves by the force of gravity acting on the internal components. If you put it on an incline surface, it will not get enough power and will not move. Please place it on a flat surface.
  • Since this product is mainly used for ornamental purposes, the 3- and 5-minute measurement times are only estimates. Depending on the product and the direction of fall, the measurement time may vary slightly (+/- several seconds).
  • Since natural wood is used for the pedestal, there are individual differences in wood grain and color.

Included Items

Product, Instruction Manual

Package size: [3 min] W5.82” x D3.46” x H2.95”, [5min] W7.28” x D3.46” x H2.95”

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Mechanical Hourglass

Gaze at time with luxury with the “Oscilloglass”.
When you turn it over, everything starts to move.
And the mechanical timer begins to tick, as if it were alive.

Everything has a beginning, and there is an end.
Focusing on something, spending time vaguely, or even sometimes enjoying the wait.

The “Oscilloglass” will lie gently with you through your usual time.

How to enjoy the Oscilloglass

Meditate at a comfortable rhythm

An Oscilloglass produces ticking sounds similar to what you would hear from old wall clocks and table clocks. When you hold the Oscilloglass in your hand, following the ticking rhythm, you will feel a small vibration that closely resembles a heartbeat. These sounds and vibrations are faint, but you can feel them when you turn your attention to them.

From the comfortable rhythm of the Oscilloglass to the slow downward movement of the inner components, you will be able to experience the passage of time with your senses in more depth.

About Oscilloglass

When mechanical clocks first appeared in Europe, they only consisted of an hour hand. This was because at that time, mechanical clocks were often off by an hour a day, making the minute and second hands practically meaningless.

In the 16th century, Galileo Galilei discovered "pendulum isochronism", the theory of how a pendulum swings in a constant cycle regardless of its weight or amplitude, when he saw a swinging lamp hanging in the cathedral in Pisa. This discovery became the principle of the pendulum clock and greatly contributed to the subsequent improvement of the accuracy of mechanical clocks.

On the other hand, hourglasses, which use falling sand, have been in use far longer than mechanical clocks. Because of their resistance to temperature changes and shaking, hourglasses were favored to be used on many ships and played an important role in navigation.

Although we now have the technology to measure time more accurately, these clocks are still located in our daily lives.

A pendulum that swings at a fixed periodicity.
Sand that falls due to the force of earth's gravity.

This product will allow you to sense the flow of time through both phenomena visible before our eyes.

The name "Oscilloglass" is a combination of "oscillate", which means "swaying in a regular cycle", and "hourglass". We want you to feel the aspect of time that cannot be seen from just dials or numbers.