Lucky cat Instructions

Please place the lucky cat in a bright place*. Make sure that the light is reaching the back of the lucky cat, where the solar panels are installed. The lucky cat will start to move its arm automatically in about 3 to 5 minutes and will continue to beckon its hand while its back is exposed to light. (It will stop when the solar panels are no longer exposed to light or when it gets dark.)
* Brightness of 250 lux or more. (With two bare 40W fluorescent lights, the brightness at about 1.5m below is about 700 lux.)

To use this product for a long time, please pay attention to the following points.

  • Do not place the lucky cat on an inclined surface. The lucky cat will not move when placed on an incline. Please make sure to place it on a flat horizontal surface.
  • Make sure to place the lucky cat in a bright place where the solar panel (on the cat’s back) is exposed to light.
If the hands on the lucky cat stop moving, please check and do the following.
  • Lightly tap on the hand that operates (the left hand that moves).
  • Make sure the solar panel is facing the light source.

Cleaning Instructions:

Wipe the lucky cat gently with a cloth that has been soaked in a neutral detergent and tightly squeezed out.